Fitcamp 101

Warriors Fitcamp F.A.Q

If I’m really un-fit, can I still participate in the program?

Yes! Everyone has to start somewhere and you’ll be amongst many other people in the same position as yourself.

It’s our job to get you in the best shape possible, as quickly and as safely as possible. So you’ll be pushed outside of your comfort zone but never too far. Our goal is to keep you motivated and injury-free!

We always encourage our Warriors to follow their body, and we will guide and push you as you progress.


Are you a military style boot camp?

No – we don’t scream or shout at people, we’re here to coach and motivate you so you can achieve your goals in a fun environment. Our 45 minute no-nonsense workouts are based around scientific research on what works in the real world.


What are the Warriors Fitcamp elements?

The type of activities we do are a combination of resistance training (using sandballs, battling ropes, sledge drags, “riffles”, medicine balls, sandbags, bodyweight) and high intensity cardio (circuits, sprints, relays, intervals, hill/stair training) etc. The workouts are designed for weight loss, functional strength and fitness. Every workout is different to keep things fun and keep your body from getting stagnant (which may happen if you do the same old workout routine over and over).


What if everyone else is much fitter than me?

Don’t worry about what your neighbour is doing, you are challenging yourself.


How long does it run for?

Warriors Fitcamp is a long term fitness solution rather than a 4-6 week course, it’s like an outdoor gym membership but with…

No pushy sales people.
No start up or administration fees.
No queues for equipment.
No stuffy, smelly, cramped indoor rooms (just the smell of the fresh air of a park).
Better variety.
More accountability.
Motivation from our iCoaches and other Warriors
A flexible timetable…

…plus it’s heaps more fun.


How many sessions can I attend each week?

You can attend as many classes as you like that are listed on our timetable, when you register your name will added to our attendance list so our Coaches will know your a Warriors Fitcamp member. But try not to do too much too soon… especially if your’e a beginner.


How much is your program?

What makes us unique from other outdoor program is that our Warriors have access to all times and locations, we don’t lock you into training at a specific location or a number of sessions per week… you have full access to all our  classes in Malaysia – which run 5 days a week…. so you’ll never have to worry about missing a workout!

Please refer to our LOCATION page for details.


Do you offer student rates?

Yes – just email the office a copy of your student card and we’ll hook you up with our student rates (RM95).


How long is the duration of the class?

Our class last for 60 minutes which includes the warm up, program, cool down and water break in between.


Is it safe to participate if I have high blood pressure or an old injury?

If you’re concerned with any type of health issue always consult your doctor before undertaking any type of fitness regimen.


Do I need to bring anything with me to class?

Just bring a bottle of water, a towel and wear some light loose comfortable clothing and running shoes.


Do you offer refunds if I don’t attend any of your class?

Unfortunately we don’t offer any refunds once you have made the payment for any of our package. However, we may consider to defer your monthly membership with prior notice.


What do you do with my membership if I go on holiday?

If you let us know before you go we’ll freeze your membership while your away.


What if I miss a class?

The Warriors Fitcamp is a package so there are no refunds for missed classes. This helps us keep the overall cost of the class down.


What do you do if it rains?

We meet up anyway and decide when we get there. 🙂


What results can I expect to see?

If you follow our nutrition plan (CAREFULLY) and attend at least 3 Warriors Fitcamp classes per week you can expect to lose 1kg of body fat every week. Your muscle’s will be toned and stronger and you’ll see significant improvements in your fitness and energy levels.

Our team will do everything we can to help you achieve your results, We want you to become a walking talking billboard!


Can I test drive your Warriors Fitcamp first?

Yes – we offers a FREE trail session ANYTIME. Click here to register.


How do I register?

You can register yourself by clicking here!